Dry Yeast

The ideal solution for your needs when conditions are not suitable or refrigerated storage is not available. Dry yeast can resist challenging climatic conditions and performance maintains its stability at ambient temperature, making it a popular choice for bakers in the Asia region. Lesaffre developed the world’s first instant dry yeast and remained as the

Compressed Yeast

Mainly relied on by industrial and craft bakers across Southeast Asia as it is extremely easy to use and can be used for a wide variety of bread making purposes. Suited to both traditional and modern bread-making technologies, Five Stars® compressed yeast helps bakers create high quality Asian and European specialities alike.


With more than 165 years of history, Lesaffre’s baker yeasts are the most trusted yeast used by most bakers globally. Hawley is the exclusive distributor of Lesaffre’s baker yeasts that come in a variety of forms including liquid, compressed, crumbled, or frozen. Each type of yeasts is remarkable for their performance, purity and stability. They